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Training is a cost-effective means to get a large number of people aligned on a new set of skills and speaking the same language at the same time. Through scripting the critical moves we can free the mind to address the more complex problems of today's rapidly evolving businesses


Training should be viewed as one component of a holistic organizational improvement strategy and should be combined with coaching, mentoring, real world experience and communities of practice.

What you can expect from a FiveWhyz training class:​

  • We will adapt the content and the delivery to suit your context

  • We will get to know you before delivering the class

  • We build our own content

  • We know how people learn best so, expect a high degree of interaction not someone reading slides

  • For virtual classes we will use Mural for an immersive, collaborative experience

  • We have deep knowledge of the subject material and are very comfortable going off-script

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