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Coaching & Consulting

We understand change and know that success is more complex than doing that Agile thing or the latest fad.

Our approach is one of partnership and collaboration. We share knowledge gained over many years in

the trenches and will ensure you see the common traps. We will help you implement the right practices at the right time to help you strengthen your organization’s capabilities.


We succeed when we work ourselves out of a job. We do that through knowledge transfer, building your expertise, and coaching you to coach others.

When you're not getting the outcomes you want,
we help you understand WHY

FiveWhyz Model

The FiveWhyz imodel offers a compelling and resilient framework, empowering organizations to navigate complexity and achieve lasting success. The outer ring encompasses five essential steps of a dynamic learning loop of continuous improvement.

Change needs to start with understanding why. Many fail to recognize that product development is complex and even well proven practices can fail if applied without an understanding of context. We employ a variety of techniques to observe people and systems so together we can understand the context for the upcoming improvement initiative.

Explore Current Context

Once we have established why, we need to align on where are we going and how will get there.

True North is the guiding star to help us navigate as we embark on our transformation journey. Strategies are a change to current state and are derived from our TrueNorth. They need to be small in number otherwise focus is lost.

Align Strategy & Define Success

The implementation of change experiments drives change forward. These experiments serve as deliberate interventions designed to test new approaches, processes, or strategies. By implementing these experiments, we can gather valuable insights, sense what works best, and quickly adapt our approach based on real-time feedback.

Implement Change Experiments

We believe in an evidence-based approach to improvement. We establish robust measurement systems to track key metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented changes. By gathering data and insights, we gain a comprehensive understanding of what is working well and areas that require further refinement.

Measure Learn & Improve

We share knowledge across the organization and amplify and promote wider adoption. We recognize that the lessons learned and successful practices gained from the improvement process should be shared and leveraged to drive wider organizational growth and transformation. This collective learning and adoption of successful practices contribute to a scalable and sustainable transformation that permeates the organization, fostering resilience and lasting success.

Amplify Knowledge & Results

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