Setup Agile Business - Other Tools You Might Be Interested In

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

One of the interesting things we’ve found as we set up our businesses is that we also needed a number of others tools and services to get things done. What is nice is that these are often a click a way, and that the bigger issue is finding something that is good, and not expensive.

Here are some tools that you might find useful as you set up your business:

  • Trello: Useful Kanban board for all kinds of purposes. FiveWhyz people have used this to track personal and business work, business development pipeline, and so on.

  • Slack: Chat tool for groups of people to discuss things. You may not find it useful for a one person business, but if you start collaborating with other coaches, for example, you will find a lot of coaches use this.

  • Zoom: Effective web based video conferencing and webinar tool. It is always useful to be able to set up a video conference to work with people.

  • Idea Boardz: Useful “card” oriented board to collaborate and brainstorm. Very useful for retrospectives, especially in remote situations.

  • Instant Agenda: Useful tool “lean coffee” oriented tool to collaborate and brainstorm.

  • Pexels: As you do presentations and build we sites, you will probably want to use high quality images. Pexels offers a searchable library of free images.

  • Pipe Drive: Simple customer relationship management (CRM) system based on Kanban style cards.

  • Dokuwiki Wiki system: I like the idea of a place where I can store information that is beyond a file service - a knowledge base if you like. This is a place to capture knoweldge and ideas. HansSamios for example.

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