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Setup Agile Business - Establish Your Logo

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Some of this advice depends on how much you are trying to establish a brand. In general, I’ve found that each of the people I’ve helped through the process has wanted to at least have a level of professionalism associated with their presence on the Web, their intellectual property and materials, and so on. The start of this is a logo for your site which will probably also establish the color design etc. for your materials and website.

This can be an expensive process and so often you might settle for a design that you come up with or use an online tool like Tailor Brands to get started. No matter what you end up with there is no problem with this so long as you feel it represents your professional image. You can always change it at a later stage.

If you want to get a more professional result we’ve used DesignCrowd to good effect. DesignCrowd is true to its name. It’s a crowdsourcing service for designs. One service they offer is to set up a design competition. To get a logo, you set up a project with a design brief explaining what you are looking for. You then decide how many designs you want to see (more dollars means more designs) and then sit back and wait. Over the next week or so a whole bunch of designs will pour in from all over the world. You then select the design you like and the designer who work you like gets paid the money you’ve established at the beginning of the project. Once paid the designer will send you the completed designs. Cost for this service at the time of writing was about $500.

Pretty cool.


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