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Setup Agile Business - Decide on a Business Name

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Actually, the advice I was offered wasn’t too far wrong. The first step is to decide on a name. There are three basic approaches here:

  1. Use a name that describes what you do. Something “Agile”. Or “Agile” something. Examples include “Agile64, LLC” or “Focussed Agile, LLC”.

  2. Use your own name. It’s a small business and you are basically the business, so you develop the brand around you as a business. An example is “Tom Perry, LLC”.

  3. Use something that is a label that you are going to build your brand around. Examples include “nuCognitive, LLC” and “FiveWhyz LLC”.

If you listen to product naming folks, there are pros and cons associated with each of these approaches, and most would recommend 1 or 3. But I will say that in my experience given the kind of company we are it is more important that you like what you choose, and feel comfortable representing this as your entity.


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