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Agile Coaching and Olive Oil

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

We can learn a lot about the Agile Coaching market from Olive Oil? Let me share a story.

I was in a very large store looking for olive oil. It's wonderful that our diet has improved so much over the last few decades but, the choice is overwhelming.

Narrowing my options to first cold-pressed still left me a multitude of options. I googled for "best olive oil", it didn't help much. I couldn't spend all day, I eventually grabbed a popular brand that I'd used in the past. I'm sure there were tastier choices but good enough for my pizza dough.

A few weeks later, we were visiting Breckenridge, Colorado. While I was a few thousand feet higher being thoroughly humbled by my lack of skiing prowess, my wife was exploring the town. She found a small specialty store called Olive Fusion that really merits a plug here because their olive oil was delicious.

I don't know if it was cold-pressed but I was glad we picked some up. Although Olive Fusion can't compete with the supermarkets for price and options they obviously really know their craft. If the result of value is taste, they delivered.

As I was researching for this opinion piece and pondering whether my analog between Agile coaching and buying olive oil experience would resonate, I found this quote:

There’s a big problem with olive oil: Real olive oil is far more costly than other vegetable oils, so you can make a lot of money by slipping in cheaper oils.

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