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Successful High Stakes Collaboration

A unique blend of coaching and facilitation to ensure the success of your high-stakes collaborative event


Whether you call it PI Planning, Big Room Planning or something completely different, the bottom line is that large scale collaborative events are a significant investment.

You’ve successfuly made the business case to conduct your first a large-scale collaborative event or have been trying it for a while without the success you expected. Now at a pivotal point you can’t risk failure.

At FiveWhyz, we have extensive experience coaching and facilitating large scale collaborative events. We know what it takes to succeed.

We will drive consensus around objectives and shared alignment about how to get there. We do that through the right amount of preparation followed by hands-on coaching and facilitation of the event itself.


At the onset of the engagement, we will meet with you to verify your commitment to the success of the event including:

  • Active participation from your Agile teams, management,product ownership and your business partners.

  • Use of an industrial strength Agile tool such as Rally, VersionONE, Jira or Azure Devops

  • For virtual events, use of established collaboration tools suchas Mural or Miro.

  • For in-person events securing a suitable venue

  • Setting aside time to prepare you for the event

  • Allocating sufficient time to prepare for and hold the event

What to Expect

Experienced coaching and facilitation ensure all your key participants are ready and contributing effectively.

We ensure every attendee understands:

  • Purpose, objectives and agenda

  • How to contribute effectively

For business partners we provide coaching on:

  • Write and score objectives
    Find the right balance between business-as-usual and market

  • differentiation

For those in product ownership roles we provide coaching on: 

  • Getting the feature backlog to ready

  • Finding the right amount of story detail
    How to prioritize to maximize value

For those in a servant leadership roles we provide coaching on: 

  • Helping teams making the right commitments

What's Included

  • 16 hrs of coaching to prepare for the event

  • Two coaches for the two days of the event and one day prior to facilitate both preparation, retrospection and planning

  • Complimentary debrief session at the conclusion of the event

  • Setup of the virtual or in-person room

  • Not included are materials, licensing costs and travel expenses


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